This list of links is VERY loosely grouped according to subject matter, "Dark Shadows" and "Cagney and Lacey" links first, of course. If any of these links turn out to be dead-ends, or if there are others you'd like to see added, notify me at and I will eventually update the list.

THE site for information about the grand-daddy of all DS fan events. Bi-coastal convention gathers on East coast in odd-number years, on the West coast in even-number years. Includes an annual printable application for admission and souvenirs of Fests past, trivia and news, new merchandise. Soon to be updated for next year's event !!
Join the ShadowGram group on Yahoo! and get late-breaking updates of the official DS newsletter, "ShadowGram".

Tim Choate's BIG DS site which links to many others which link to many others which link to others, etc. . .

Stuart Manning's on-line journalof DS news and entertainment from "Across The Pond"

The Official Jonathan Frid website, with his co-operation and input. Entertaining and Interestingly put together, reflecting his wry sense of humor.

MsCriseyde's Solely Selby Site for Selby Savants everywhere.

Bob Issel's photographs, videos, and memories of many DS events and folks. Bob--- one of the true DS "Renaissance Fans"--- the man, the myth. . .The LEGEND!

A directory of links to Newsgroups, including

Stephen Mark Rainey, author, along with Elizabeth Massie, of the second in the new HarperCollins series of Dark Shadows novels, DREAMS OF THE DARK. I read it! Much recommended!) Formerly editor of DEATHREALM (horror/fantasy anthology magazine), his site is dedicated to his published works, and his interest in computer simulation airwar games.

The VERY FIRST Dark Shadows website, established 1995 by good buddy Walter "Boo" Kaye. Newly expanded and updated, with recent photos of the 2002 Festival.

< Rex Goode's DS online novel DARK REDEMPTION, set in the present day; excellent, many complex ideas and clever interweaving of modern problems with supernatural travails can be accessed at The Wayback Machine if you enter the URL

Likewise, you can now also locate a DS Newsgroup member "Charles Delaware Troll's" painstakingly detailed day-by-day synopsis of what MIGHT have happened on DS AFTER Ep# 1245 at, entering the old URL

Mary Overstreet,'s newly updated and expanded fan-fiction, etc. pages. Leading light of the Karlen literary genre, offering related fan-fiction publications. Plus, check out her "Javert Tribute Page" link. . . Hmmm. . . Javert. . . Willie Loomis--- Now THAT'S eclectic!

The "Sylvia Bond" blog and fanfiction site contains all of an existent DS fanfiction series by "Ms. Bond" and the late Nina Nidiffer, concerned with a special relationship for "Willie Loomis"... Sadly it seems this will never be brought to a conclusion, but it's beautifully written. If you are a "Willie" fan, don't miss it.

P.S., You, too, can expand your Karlen consciousness by joining the Yahoo! Groups' ---- The archives include photos both past and present-day,
transcribed interviews, and fan fiction.

Detailed summaries of Dark Shadows episodes, good if you need to know some specifics of plot. For quickie summaries, this other site is the source.

Plana trip to the site of the "classic" DS exterior shots of "Collinwood", the "Blue Whale"--- and a host of fabulous Golden-age mansions and other attractions.

Official website of the Lockwood-Mathews mansion in Norwalk, CT, used in films HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and THE STEPFORD WIVES, among others.

Omni website HQ of fellow former Millennium NG poster, musician, etc., Rich LaBonte featuring downloads of "absolutely free music", some information about "Millennium, his relatives' art gallery, a Buffy/ Dark Skies hybrid fan-fic, etc.

The official Formerly the Art Bell show website,currently hosted by the amiable George Noory for die-hard (or, perhaps, "die-NEVER"!) X-Phileys and other mavens of the psychic / spirit world and the occult, UFO's, conspiracy theories, shadow people, and more light orbs than you can shake an etheric stick at. Find out where you can tune into Coast-to-Coast AM's syndicated radio show--- or subscribe to listen online--- and, perhaps, give George a call to relate your own strange encounters!!

Official website of Weird NJ magazine, which I only recently discovered, though it'sbeen around for over 12 years. Great legends and wild stories about scary old shacks, isolated graveyards, abandoned asylums, eccentric people, and semi-mythological creatures. Has links to a growing enterprise, Weird USA.,so even if you don't live in or near NJ, you can contribute a bizarre story about your locality. Includes a nice forum.

Your guide to the best weird and wonderful stuff all over these United States

New England curiosities. Newly updated, with a NEW URL--- (the old one has been delegated to online casinos!?!?)

Paradise for the Paranoid, completer with links and galleries of "UFO" pix

Cemetery snaps with a Continental flair. A site which also explores some of history's mysteries about the deceased

Not for the squeamish! I probably SHOULDN'T recomend this slowly-growing site full of pix of the dead and famous, including crime scene shots, and its links to, but if you've always been curious about the condition of the Lindbergh baby and want to see what a nice ukelele Tiny Tim was buried with, hey, what can I say? Actually, some of the pix on are even MORE temptingly repellent, and some of the peculiar news stories on are far more bizarre than "News of the Wierd"

More fun with death! My personal bests: Findadeath, with its extensive stories of celebrity demises and the greatest forum, which is a paid membership site but very informative and also with a great forum about antique post-mortem portraits and antique photos...And The Dutch post-mortem & antique photo site which is free membership (competing with Thanatos), and occasionally informative. Ogrish Forums are for those who prefer their death and destruction straight up. I belong to them all; they all have their up- and down-sides.

Find out where celebrities, criminals and their victims, and politicians are planted; includes many pix of the gravesites, directions, etc.

The Dead People Server---Heard a rumor that your favorite famous/notorious celebrity has passed on? Check out this continually-updated site; it'll set you straight!

Cagney and Lacey fans unite! Join the international Yahoo! Groups mailing list, (around 200 members at last count!) Membership has its rewards. And for information, do see the official site which also promotes the latest released DVDs and to get some excellent episode guides and archived articles, please visit Darkechilde's site which has been updated with illustrated synopses.
The Yahoo! mailing list includes: regularly scheduled chats, choice of individual or digest mailings, or read posts on-site; growing collection of excellent fan-fiction and contributed photos in the archives.

Excellent Melanie Safka Fansite.

To be included in an "official" mailing list, visit Melanie's new, developingofficial site. Includes Melanie's tour schedule, and online store, and a strictly-moderated forum.

Pretty comprehensive collection of popular song lyrics.

Everything you NEVER wanted to know about the Butcher of Whitechapel

Explorers of the hidden treasures of the Hudson Valley, Rob Yasinac (featured in PRESERVATION magazine) and Tom Rinaldi, take us on a tour of fascinating, if decrepit, landmarks, and you don't even have to worry about poison ivy or ticks! These building have stories to tell, if you're willing to listen.

A guide to the living Hudson Valley with descriptions and maps of mansion and church museums, cemeteries, parks, including some lovely 360-degree videoclips of various sites.

Everything you ever needed to know about TV's Emmy awards

Everything you ever needed to know about Broadway's Antoinette S. Perry Awards--- and Antoinette S. Perry, for that matter.

Everything you ever needed to know about filmed media--- movies and TV. Join, and you can make corrections and additions to entries (upon checking of the information)

Gardening advice;where I go when not at work or on the computer!

A delightfully peculiar satirical site, including candid reviews of 1970's decor ripped from the pages of women's guidebooks from that era, strangely saucy paintings, and other oddities calculated to bring you good cheer.

The Onion Paper Online---On-target wit, big and little laughs from this updated-daily Newspaper parody.

Your one-stop destination for all things Romanov;< Includes full scanned texts of several dozen hard-to-find biographies and histories, LOTS of rare photos, some clever surprises, an extensive forum, plus links to other Russian history sites.

My beloved Richard Bey, former TV and radio talk show host. Many pix of his many costumes from his old show, commentary in his inimitable style, a discussion forum you can join, and guestbook. A must-see for all Richard's fans!,/font>

Many of the world's great classic books, complete online, including some hard-to-find outside of a library!

Novella-length, comprehensive re-caps of some of the world's most notorious criminal cases, with many illustrations--- from the Lindberghs to Lindy Chamberlain to Lizzie Borden!!!

The secret HIStory (how appropriate) of how and why men turned against women during the adolescence of Christianity, and persecuted MOSTLY women for "witchcraft"

Homesite of the Salem (Mass.) Witch Museum, with many features and links to other sites re-telling the ugly story of the 1692 great ordeal, and its meaning in its time, through today.

If you DON'T want to read the WHOLE thing, this site condenses classics and sci-fi to the Nth degree!

Museum of the City of New York complete with on-site exhibits and informative text

Encyclopedia Mythica, online resource for muths, legends, and folklore

Lovecraftian adventures in the playroom.

Jon Veitch's entertaining animated music videos and cartoons