Picture pages, picture pages, having fun with picture pages!

By Lorraine

The following are a sample of my extensive collection of photographs from NYC, the WTC area and nearby St. Paul's-Trinity Chapel


  • The view from my 19th-storey window at the WTC Marriott. People were gathering for one of the many free afternoon concerts once held at the Plaza. Note all the white and pastel-shirted people coming from the shadow of Tower # 1--- business people who worked there, and stopping for some tunes after work . . . Never mind. They will ALWAYS be there.
  • The original memorial to the 1993 bomb victims, now just a memory itself.
  • The original statue that stood in the center of buildings that are now, no more--- they took it to some nearby park until they decide what to do with it
  • A grotesque statue at the WTC Marriott Hotel, now gone.
  • The Battery park area, with its classic buildings, before many were damaged, though the farthest ones were mostly covered in ash.
  • The Millennium Hotel on the left was heavily damaged and the walkway obliterated; the building on the right was across the street from WTC, was damaged but I don't know its fate.
  • One of the many free concerts in the WTC plaza, with dancing and merriment.
  • The only picture of myself with the WTC in the background, 1997, taken on the balcony of Long Island Science Center by my son.
  • St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a favorite retreat of WTC workers, housed in a building erected in 1838, and whose founding members included Telly Savalas's parents, was crushed by debris, including from the huge building that dwarfs it in this photo. St. Paul's sustained some minor damage and needed a major clean-up, but was used as H.Q. for many of the rescue workers.
  • The earliest graves at Trinity St. Paul's chapel, across from the World Trade center--- and now an epitaph to everyone else who died there.
  • A country churchyard in the heart of the big city
  • The 200 plus-year-old church Washington attended on his Inauguration Day---they even saved his seat!
  • A necessary object, elevated to simple elegance in cast iron, invented in a time when boots and shoes frequently interacted with the "leavings" of horses and oxen in an older, more rural New York.
  • Not a WTC area photo, just a lovely, mysterious-looking cloister sandwiched between large buildings.
  • Times Square in daylight, from my spot at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in 1997. Right across from the hotel were ads for Virgin Cola, Virgin Airlines, and the Virgin Records & Tapes superstore (still there), the three biggest Virgins in NYC.
  • "There's a name for those who won't stop..." taking pictures at night!