Picture pages, picture pages, having fun with picture pages!

By Lorraine

The following are a sample of my extensive collection of photographs from the my family collection of those who have passed on, and scenes from around the home front.


  • The powder-blue, suspiciously casket-shaped soldering machine I work on
  • A visitation from a crowd of local gobblers exploring a seed-and worm-rich ditch to the drywell
  • My sister's fragrant Hawaiian cactus flower which only blooms once a year--- a few days after 9 / 11
  • A contributed picture--- an odd video blip a friend noticed and recorded a few days after 9 / 11, when everyone couldn't get blasted twin towers off their minds
  • The church I attended when we were both young (church was built 1 year after I was born.) From church's first Xmas card. Church recently enlarged and renovated for $3.5M; a few months later, electrical fire destroyed new carpet and caused $200K smoke damage! Ooops. . .
  • A massive explosion at a local factory during the day shift, where, miraculously, EVERYONE was evacuated in the nick of time. This wreckage took up a whole city block.
  • A spider web and a sunset over Hawaii, taken by my late sister
  • The annual city festival in a town near mine. The wrangler of the motorized lion spent more time riding it than any children; and while it looks like the furniture of evicted tenants from the Victorian Condominiums (once a school) was scattered in the street, it was really a fine furniture vendor's display.
  • Two of my late cats, Cookie and Pinky-in-a-box; me and my late brother's late dog, King
  • My sister, brother, and myself, ca.1962.
  • Myself, and my late sister and late brother, on sister's graduation day in 1986