I just read your essay about that weird building up in I guess New Milford, CT.  I couldn’t sign the guestbook, so I’m emailing.

A friend of mine and I came upon the place during one of those long, non directional Sunday drives in the late seventies; an excuse to go driving and smoking pot!

We had been driving for hours; among other places we visited was Trinity Pawling, and were beginning to head home to Rye, NY when we came upon that place.  It was like something out of a weird dream, and owing to the fact that about two weeks later, I had a paralyzing cerebral hemorrhage,(resulting in a 2 month hospital confinement and subsequent rehab) I had been wondering if it weren’t somehow a dream.  Well, several years later I developed some film I thought was lost, and there it was in all its strange and eerie glory.  The years had degraded the film, so developing rendered strange hues which only enhanced the strangeness of the place…That find was about 15 years ago.

It is now 26 years since that day, and I was just relaxing after a hard day of work when the name Catherine J. Pol went through my mind (as it does from time to time) and I put it in a search.  Wow!  Someone else knows about probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!  Well, one of the weirdest!  I did go to camp in far upstate
New York…

You say it was taken over later and put into some sort of function?  I’d be interested in any further info you have about the place.  I’m now down in Floriduh, and so travel to upstate NY and/or
Connecticut is difficult to say the least.

Thanks for being on the Web!

Pol Tower