An interesting, mostly Italian cemetery on a steep hillside with a fantastic view, which I visited on the way home from the 2006 Weird NJ Halloween party� I have blocked out the surnames for a degree of privacy�


*While most of the deceased here are Italian (and many, members of just a couple of really extensive families), there are some Lebanese or Syrian Catholic families represented.� Their graves & mausoleums reflect the Middle Eastern influence and even contain verses in Arabic script.� Here is a selection of angels--- the one on the right may be a portrait of the deceased lady. �


*One thing most Catholic cemeteries are noted for--- lavish statues of saints as well as Jesus and His Mother Mary.� Here is one that may be Mary Magdalene clutching the empty Cross, and two views of a touchingly detailed (if arrow-free) St. Sebastian,

the family�s patron saint, it would seem. �Notice the peculiarly defaced cameo portrait on the Magdalene monument�.� �


*Here�s where the bizarre and incongruously humorous intrude�. Upper left:� a creepy vine, already having shed its leaves for autumn, embraces back-to-back tombstones, one of which appears to be a home-made concrete model.� Upper right:� I am not sure this happy scarecrow gives the right, umm, ambience to this gravesite.� Bottom:� a weird attempt to rectify vandalism, it would seem.� Notice, where the decapitated angel�s head is.� And notice, the death dates of the couple�s two children, Barney & Josephine, in November 1918.� I�m thinking, the great Influenza epidemic, which killed far more healthy young people than their elders.� And the parents, Joseph & Giovanna, had to live on for many years without them.�


*Portrait of a Patriarch, a Guardian Angel (the mausoleum apparently contained related members with� 3 family surnames), and the Sacred Heart of a nicely-rendered Jesus figure.�


*Next, some unique items� The top picture shows a mausoleum dilapidated and yet peculiarly cozy, with most of the family name hacked off for some reason, yet evidence of visitation with curtains and a holy statue in the windows.� Something about it told me that it could be considered the �haunted� mausoleum in the graveyard.� Middle picture is typical of many of the graves, which feature cameos of the deceased, in this case, the sweet-faced 9-year-old in her First Communion finery.� Hard to believe, she�d be over 90 if she was alive today!� The bottom, one of the extensive family gravesites, has something for everyone, including a fancy gate and cameos on the parents� and son�s graves.


*Two more mausoleums round out this tour, though if I had more film I could have shot another roll--- though this cemetery wasn�t large, there was plenty yet to be seen.� The top tomb was either a Lebanese or Syrian family--- the Middle Eastern inscription, barely visible in the original picture, cannot be seen in this scan.� Bottom one was for a couple of Italian families, but more modern in design than the one in the previous pictures.